the Mid-South Zombie Apocalypse: $10.95 +tax (children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult)  You will be thrown into an Apocalyptic Zombie Scenario where you have to defend yourself and all of humanity from the walking dead. You will be armed with a semi-automatic paintball marker loaded with exploding zombie tracer rounds. Shoot for the head it is the only way to kill them! Includes 100 rounds of ammo. Upgrade to 140 rounds of ammo for an additional $5.00 +tax. No flashlights or cameras. Our actors will not touch you, do not touch them!!! The Zombies will not be shooting back at you.  The guns are mounted to arcade like swivels so you can not shoot your neighbor and they can not shoot you.  You can not bring in any of your own paintballs.  We will supply everything you need.